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Why do Bucharest buildings look so bad?

This is perhaps one of the most prevalent questions we receive during our city tours, or from tourists staying at Good Living Hotel. And the answer is not a simple one.

Going back to our Communist past, and looking at how it has shaped our present society, we discuss this topic during our Communist Tour of Bucharest.

Today, there are more and more people interested in recapturing the beauty of the city, and recovering as many of the old buildings as possible. Check out this documentary from Arte television, which covers just one such NGO, and their efforts to revigorate the urban fabric.

Or better yet, join us on our tour of "How Bucharest became the Little Paris" where we cover the highs of architectural development in Bucharest, and how the city was shaped from the Independence war until the beginnings of the 20th century. It will help you understand this complex and beautiful city better, and answer the question in the title over the course of a 3-hour walk in the undiscovered part of the city.


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