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Traditional Romanian drinks explained

Romanians have a long tradition of brewing our own drinks, so there are multiple versions of what Americans would call moonshine available in any Romanian household. Distilled once or twice, with fruit flavoring or without, you cannot visit a Romanian home without being invited to taste an alcoholic drink made by the homeowner or the immediate family.

The roots of this actually go back in history, accentuated by the Communist regime where you were not able to find anything to buy. So we did our own alcohol, from apples, grapes, plums, apricots, and any other combination that can ferment.

Good Living actually has them as well, so if you stay with us please let us know if you want to try the various options. We also provide you with small bottles that you can take home with you and spread the Romanian liquors across the world.

To have an idea of what they actually taste like, let's show you a very famous taste test, courtesy of our friends at Netflix.


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