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The traditional sweet of Romania - Cozonac

So far, we have covered mostly savory dishes. So we feel it is time to highlight one of our sweet options on the menu.

Cozonac is a traditional Romanian type of sweet bread that is usually consumed during festive events such as Christmas and Easter. Today, however, you can find a loaf of Cozonac in most bakeries at any time during the year. This is not a dish that you will find in the restaurant menu though, as it is mostly something you cook at home.

Although it visually looks like a loaf of bread, it is considered a cake and is usually made with flour, sugar, milk, cocoa, eggs, nuts, and raisins.

As with many other traditional foods, this can be found in other countries in the Balkans as well. For example in Bulgaria you can find something similar around Easter time. Orthodox easter that is.

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