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Romanian food - what are the best things to try?

If you are visiting Romania for the first time, there are a few things to know about our food and culture that will make your visit great. We love our good food together with a glass of good wine. So here are a few things that you need to know before embarking on this trip.

Romanians are BIG meat eaters

We start our meals with big platters of cold cuts (salami, pastrami, all sorts of curated meats) and move on to a good mixed grill. So if you ever go to a traditional Romanian restaurant ask for a cold platter to start with before moving on to your second course.

Try one of our Ciorbas

Ciorba, pronounced [ˈt͡ʃʲorbə] is a sour soup which can only be found in these areas of the world (Eastern Europe). Vegetable or meat, it is generally considered the second dish (after the cold cust appetizer). Depending on the region of the country you visit, this can be served with sour cream, or simple.

More meat for second course

Second course is usually (surprise, surprise) more meat. Minced meat rolled in sour cabbage, called sarmale and served with polenta, is a very traditional dish. Another very prevalent one is mici, a type of skinless sausage served with mustard and bread.

And let's not forget a traditional Romanian desert

Papanasi, a fried donught that usually is served in pairs, with sour cream and a dollop of jam on top, is something that you should definitely try. But make sure you have someone to share it with.

But this is the Romanian in me talking. If you want to hear the opinion of a fellow traveler on Romanian food, check out the video below, from the guys at Flying the Nest.

And, as you will hear when being served a meal in Romania: Pofta buna (!enjoy your meal)


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