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Most popular Romanian foods - Mămăligă

Often confused with polenta, mămăligă is a traditional side that you will probably see on most Romanian restaurant menus. Contrary to what we have presented so far, this is not a dish to be had by itself, but a side-dish or bread replacement that would be served together with a main.

Made from boiled corn flour, this is a dish that 100% Romanians have had at one point in their life. It is a dish for when we have a cold, served with butter, sour cream or cheese, it is a dish that comes with grilled fish or with our very traditional sour cabbage rolls.

In student restaurants you will find MBS (Mamaliga, Branza si Smantana) which translates as as Polenta with sour cream and cheese. An upgrade on this when you had the money was to add an egg.

Whichever option you choose, whether with cheese, fish or cabbage rolls, don't miss a portion of mămăligă when visiting Romania.

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