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From farm to table - the Romanian way

Romania is still very much an agricultural country, with most people eating out of their own back garden. Especially if you go out of the large cities, you will encounter a very short cycle for the food you eat. Most of the time, even people living in Bucharest would get food from their parents and grandparents, that has been produced in their own household.

Good Living is not entirely different. If you spend a night in our hotel you will definitely notice that we have on sale preserves produced in our household from the fruit in our own orchard, or housemade spirits infused with sour cherries or raspberries.

To get the best of the farm to table concept, there are a couple of retreats not far from Bucharest that still offer an authentic experience, and show you what Romanians eat like on special celebrations. Check out the experience one food blogger had, with just this type of a feast. And get ready for a lot of meat on the table.

Book your flight into Bucharest, stay at Good Living, enjoy the city for a few days, then venture out into the still-wild country and get the experience of a life time. We would love to offer you recommendations based on your preferences, so don't hesitate to drop us a note.

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