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Bucharest's famous CEC building

The house that hosts Good Living is built in 1897 and restored in a painstaking, 2 year process, between 2015-2017. The end of the 19th century was a time of great transformation for Romania, and for Bucharest in particular. In this series of articles we look at what has happened to our city and our country in 1897.

The construction of the CEC Palace begins in central Bucharest, under the supervision of French architect Paul Gottereau in 1897. The Belle Epoque architectural gem officially opened in 1900, and has been the headquarters of CEC Bank for more than a century. Today, it is one of the most Instagram med sites in Bucharest.

Historical image of the CEC palace

In the same year, about a mile away from the CEC Palace, the construction of a more modest building begins: Good Living hotel (then, just the residence of a bourgeois family). So what it is like to live in a century-old Belle Epoque mansion? You can check it out for yourself by going in the Hotel section of the website and booking your stay.

Above our main entrance, the Mascaron (a mask of Mercur, the greek god of commerce) shows not only the original owner's job, but also the construction year of 1897.

The year that both the CEC palace and our house were built


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