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3 Communist landmarks in Bucharest you should not miss

Modern Romania has been shaped by the almost 50 years of communist rule, and so has the city of Bucharest. Here are 3 major communist spots that you should not miss on your visit.

1. The People's Palace

People's Palace in Bucharest

This impressive building, the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon, is Ceausescu's long lasting legacy. You can choose to go on our Tour of Communism that explains how it was built and where it fits in the history of our country, or choose one of the tour options that takes you through the inside of the building. See here the visiting hours and ticket prices for People's House.

2. Spring Palace - the official residence of the dictator

If you want to see how one of the last dictators of Europe lived like, and where his family spent their days, you can visit the Spring Palace, their official residence in Bucharest. Given the economic context of Romania at that time the house was considered the epitome of luxury. The official website for Spring Palace can be found here. While our Communist Tour does not go in that area of the city, it might help you understand better the implications for the rest of Romania and how the house fits into the larger context.

3. Revolution Square

Some of you might remember the flight of the dictator from the roof. This is actually where our Communist Tour ends, and provides a detailed explanation of those days. If you do not have the time to take the full tour, at least stop by the square where these iconic images were filmed.


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