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10 Common-sense Questions that We Get Asked by Travelers

We realize Bucharest is a city of contrasts, and one that doesn't always make sense. We feel it when travelers ask us surprising questions, that Romanians rarely ask themselves, or even have an answer for. In no particular order, here is a list of what we heard from you (by the way, we love questions, so keep them coming! 😍)

1. Why do you have so many expensive cars in Bucharest? Where does the money come from?

A city of contrasts

2. Do people actually live in these buildings? (usually coming from Americans, in reference to centrally-located buildings that most Romanians consider desirable and too expensive, but which look like favelas to almost every Westerner)

3. How can you have the fastest Internet, when the Internet cables are hanging on the street?

4. Follow-up question: How do you know that it’s Internet cables, and not electricity cables? 😁

5. Why do you have so much police on the streets? What do they do? (to be fair, private security staff and "Jandarmerie" also gets labeled as "police" by first-time visitors).

6. Is Bucharest a safe city? (usually as follow-up to previous question)

7. Why is there so much graffiti everywhere?

8. How can people still miss the Communist regime, when it has done so much evil?

9. Is Church separate from the Government?

10. Is it legal to park like that? (OK, we admit, the answer is usually "No!" 🤣)

Some of these questions we have an answer to, for other, we are just as baffled as you are. Join one of our tours to get a chance to understand Romania, Romanians, and Bucharest better.

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