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Corporate but not quite

Do you want to have a relaxed business lunch and discussion with up to 10 of your colleagues?


Come have your off-site at our place, with great, home cooked food, one big room and a relaxed atmosphere for you to brainstorm in


We are right next door from the sector 4 wedding house. So why not book a room (or two) for the bride and groom and their close family and friends? 


We can cook you breakfast and while you enjoy it we can plan the relaxing lunch before your big night. You can walk the 2 minutes to the Sector 4 wedding hal.

Party at our place

You do not want to mess up your own apartment, but still want to through a great dinner party for your anniversary or your child's birthday? We offer one big room with two break-out rooms to split your party any way you see fit. 

We will cook your dinner according to your wishes and plan your party perfectly. Just let us know what you whish for. 

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