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Traveling with kids can be hard. Let us help

Do you have the feeling that you are packing your entire house when traveling with a toddler?


We know how it feels. So that is why we at Good Living Bucharest have done our best to simplify your life. We have almost everything that you might need when traveling with kids, so you do not need to bring anything along.


In our cupboards and storage you can find:

  • A travel cot ready for a good night sleep

  • Blankets and bed linens

  • A compact stroller you can take for your walk around Bucharest

Fully furnished, child friendly apartments
  • A stepping stool for the little one to better reach the bathroom sink

  • A changing table if he is too small for the toilet

  • A potty if he is too big for the changing table

  • A portable, compact booster seat which you can use in the hotel or take with you when dining out

  • A microwave sterilizing set if he is still bottle feeding

  • Small toys available for during your stay

  • A tricycle for toddlers to take for a spin in the nearby park

If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to email us beforehand or make your reservation directly​ and we will try and make arrangements  to better accommodate you and your family. 

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